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  • Monday, October 23, 2017 7:47 AM
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    URISA Texas (Administrator)

    The City of Mesquite is looking for a GIS Technician to provide staff support in development, maintenance, updating and retrieving information from various GIS related files and relational databases of the City's Geographic Information System (GIS). GIS Technicians are expected to interpret and research legal documents and apply this information to the maintenance of varied GIS based data; digitizing cartographic data; entering demographic and geographic data into the data base; preparing maps according to specified criteria; assisting the public with requests and other information assignments.

    Duties include but are not limited to:

    • Maintains a variety of GIS layers and databases including street, parcel, subdivision, and utility data while adhering to organizational quality standards.
    • Interprets and transfers data from source documents including digital and/or printed plats, record drawings, plans, profiles, and legal descriptions into the GIS using approved Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).
    • Provide prompt and courteous service to the public and private developers for information requests concerning public utilities, pavement and floodplain. Includes the ability to perform file transfers using City's FTP site.
    • Provides technical support to city staff in the use of GIS related and integrated software to accomplish and support intra-departmental and inter-departmental projects and programs. Maintains expertise of GIS layers and processes required by Enterprise City Software (MUNIS, ENERGOV.
    • Maintain the collection of record engineering drawings (i.e., "as-builts") and filed  plats in both microfilm and electronic formats. Inventory; index, cross-reference, link to GIS applications and prepare filed plats and "as-builts" for filming and scanning. Maintain the microfilm and scanning contracts.
    • Collect, transfer, input and plot GIS related data from a Global Position System (GPS), surveyor data, field notes or engineering plans. Update GIS data pertaining to the City infrastructure (such as water, sanitary sewer, storm water drainage, and pavements) using construction records, legal documents, GPS coordinates, AutoCAD files, and City staff notes.
    • Will continually provide City staff with standardized maps, custom map exhibits, facilitate data driven reports using GIS, graphic and database software and database products to meet the needs of user requests; as well as other City GIS data such as parcels, aerial photos, street centerline, and planimetrics.
    • Adheres to established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).  Assists in researching and preparation of SOPs to ensure data standardization and integrity.
    • Performs quality control for database maintenance; researches and corrects data issues.
    • Provide special project data driven exhibits/maps as needed by various City departments and divisions.
    • Geocodes data files using GIS software.
    • All behaviors comply with the Code of Conduct and Rules of Behavior outlined in Chapter 8 of the General Government Policies and Procedures Manual.
    • Adheres to assigned work schedule as outlined in city and department attendance  policies and procedures.
    • Maintain a high level of proficiency in GIS software, professional practices, and techniques.
    • Review and perform COGO (coordinate geometry) calculations on subdivision plats. Convert the format and geo-rectify the electronic versions of plats for use by the City's GIS and 911/CADRMS (Computer Aided Dispatch and Record Management Software.
    • Communicate with software and equipment vendors regarding software, equipment, supplies, and service contracts that pertain to the GIS/Engineering staff.
    • Operate and maintain plotters, printers, wide format scanners, and microfilm reader equipment.

    For more information and to apply, please visit the City's website.

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