Navigating the world of GIS takes more than being able to make a pretty map. Between the science, technology, and artistic design required to be successful in the geospatial field, things can get confusing. Join us as we talk with GIS veterans and geniuses who know a thing or two about how to find your way from student to professional and beyond, while also chatting about some neat tools, tricks, and trends. Presented by the URISA Texas Chapter.

Episode 23 & 24 of More Than Just Maps


On this week’s episode, I finish my interview with Toby Soto of Soto Media. We chat about some of the differences between working in any level of government versus the private industry. We also dive deep into Toby’s journey of GIS Success, the blog he started while struggling to find all the information he needed in one place. What started as is today becoming one of the best places for GIS leaders to learn the skills that don’t necessarily have to do with GIS.

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